Extendedlife is a cellular automata which is a variant of Conway's Game of Life, it has 5 extra states, the explanation of the states are as follows:

State 0: Game of life dead cell

State 1: Game of life live cell

State 2: Birthforcer; it makes all surrounding cells live cells (State 1)

State 3: Deathforcer; it makes all surrounding cells dead (Sate 0)

State 4: "Toggle" cell; it turns live cells dead and dead cells live

State 5: Permanent dead cell; always stays dead

State 6: Permanent live cell (Or permacell); always stays alive

Present ObjectsEdit

-Spaceships (Moving objects)

-Still lives (Still objects)

-Oscillators (Oscillating objects)

-Miscellanious objects (Growth patterns, spaceship eaters, etc)